NIOK civil díj


The leadership, the staff and the volunteers of our organization aim at creating positive perspective and attitude towards visually impaired persons in all social layers, therefore, we put special emphasis on sensitization of and informing the 'healthy' society. During our programmes we try to bring the participants closer to blind and visually impaired people through their own experiences so that they realize that disabled people are firstly people and only secondly disabled. We have brought our programmes to several primary and secondary schools and other community events as well.


Those who are interested can choose from the following activities:


Introducing orientation and mobility

During this activity we show how blind and visually impaired people orientate. Participants can try moving around with a white stick while blindfolded.


Introduction of equipment

During this programme participants are introduced to and can try devices assisting visually impaired people to have independence.


Talking equipment: watch/clock, personal scales, kitchen scales, blood pressure meter, colour recognition sensory equipment, telephone

Tangible equipment: Braille watch, ruler, boardgames

Audible devices: liquid level indicator, water level indicator

Braille writing system: Participants can learn about the history of tactile writing, equipment needed for it and its rules.


Giving lectures

Our association offers to give lectures on different conferences or events with regard to the topic of the importance of shaping social perspectives. Upon request, we may organise a sensitization session after the lecture where participants can gain personal experience about visual impairment, they can try the role of the assistant or assisted, they can learn the right technique when assisting others. 


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