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1. What kind of services am I entitled to if I join VAGYCSOME as a member?


Development of our subregional networks is continuous, so we can provide our services to our members living in the countryside:

Customer support (through e-mail, by telephone or personally)

For students tender and scholarship opportunity

Teaching use of equipment free of charge

Leisure and cultural programmes, e.g.: discount possibilities

Help with requesting different supports (e.g. disability support)

Free newsletter by e-mail

Braille printing with discount

Finding individual solutions to individual problems


2. If I would like to become a member of VAGYCSOME, how can I join?


If you have never been a member of the Hungarian National Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, for membership application you need the following:

You need to have Hungarian citizenship

If you are over 18, you need to receive disability support or blind person's allowance.

If you do not receive any of the above, you need to ask the ophthalmologist responsible for the area including your permanent or residential address for an expert opinion – not older than 30 days – on the degree of your visual impairment in accordance with the Masche table.

If you are between 14-18, you need to receive increased amount of child benefit and have an appropriate medical certificate which is not older than 30 days describing the extent of remaining vision in accordance with the Masche table. 


For admission the following is required:

Identity card and address card

Any document certifying your disability (see above)

One passport photo

500 HUF for issuing the membership card

The annual membership fee (HUF 3,000)

Completed entry and privacy statement

With the above listed documents please come to one of our customer support offices where employees will immediately issue your membership card.

Our association shall issue a verification bearing a serial number about the admission.


3. If I would like to apply for disability benefit, when am I eligible for it?


A visually impaired person is eligible for disability benefit if he/she is above 18 and severely handicapped, lives in Hungary as a Hungarian citizen or as a foreigner with immigration permit or as a refugee recognised by the Hungarian authorities; and whose vision is entirely lost and is not correctable by any device or surgery, or in case of low visual acuity has minimal remaining vision, therefore, is only capable of an auditory-tactile lifestyle (visually handicapped).


4. I do not know the exact procedure, how do I apply for the allowance?

Do the following:

Go to your regional eye care doctor and have a field of view and visual acuity test carried out. Go to your general practitioner with the ophthalmological results and request application for the disability benefit. (By filling in the medical referral nr. A3510/90)

Fill in the form 'Application for disability benefit' and submit it by the county directorate of the Hungarian State Treasury responsible for the area of your permanent or residential address or in the capital by the Hungarian State Treasury Directorate of Budapest and Pest County. The application may also be submitted to the county government window. 


5. I would like to be updated about all the latest news, do you have newsletter?


Yes, we do.

Letters cannot be sent directly to the common list, from among the submitted materials those are sent to the readers that are newsworthy from visually impaired people's perspective: they contain important current information, and are interesting and informative. The received materials will be reviewed, thematized and edited by an appointed staff member of the association.

The following topics can be published on the list:

news about the association

support services



job opportunities

changes in legislation







club life

program offers

press news



6. What kind of discounts are visually impaired persons and their companions entitled to in public transportation?


Domestic travel with MÁV (Hungarian Railway)

Upon showing the Official Certificate issued by the Hungarian State Treasury the visually impaired person and one attendant are entitled to 90% discount of the train fare. In addition, you need the picture ID card issued by the Hungarian National Association of Blind and Visually Impaired which we – VAGYCSOME – validate. 

Transportation of guide dogs is free of charge.


Foreign travel with MÁV

The attendants of blind or visually impaired passengers may travel free of charge all across Europe. Blind and visually impaired persons can buy tickets with discounts valid in their destination country, the validity of the attendants' tickets depends on this ticket. The price of compulsory reserved seat tickets, bed or night cabin reservations need to be paid by the attendant as well. 


Travelling by VOLÁN

Blind persons who hold valid picture ID issued by the Hungarian National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired or receives Blind Person's Allowance and his/her attendant are entitled to 90% discount. 


7. Can I apply for any kind of support to purchase special devices produced for visually impaired persons?

Yes, you can. You can download the following document from the National Health Insurance Fund website that includes all the necessary information: