NIOK civil díj


It was made on 10 February 2015 at 10:30 am at the General Assembly of the Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County.

Place: Albert Agora of Szent-Györgyi, Szeged Kálvária sgt. 23


Agenda points:

  1. Toast
  2. Selection of Minutes, Record Counters, Counters of Counts and Leading Chair.
  3. Reading agendas and accepting them or voting on their modification
  4. Information on the resignation of senior officers of the association
  5. Election of the Supervisory Board
  6. Bureau member choice
  7. Marking Committee Selection
  8. Reading and Accepting the Amendment of the Statutes required by the Tribunal
  9. Reading and accepting a public utility report, professional report
  10. Comments, suggestions
  11. Éva Vaskóné Kiss found that there was not enough membership to hold the general assembly. Thus, the General Assembly is invalid. According to the invitation, the General Meeting will be held at 11 o'clock regardless of the number of participants.
  12. At 11 o'clock, the General Assembly started with the agenda items in the invitation.


They are here:

Éva Vaskóné Kiss, chairman of the association, Gábor Terhes, vice-president, Katalin Tóth, chief executive officer, Zsuzsanna Nagy, president of the Békés County Association of Blind and Visually Impaired people, and two main invited guests, 6 counts of volunteers. Chairman of the Voters Counters Csilla Dudásné Sebesi.

Members based on the enclosed attendance sheet are 53 persons and a total of 49 delegations.


1.Greetings from the President

Prior to the beginning of the general meeting, according to the registration, the number of eligible voters present is 53.

Éva Vaskóné Kiss declared the General Assembly a quorum at 11 o'clock.

He proposed Zsuzsanna Nagy as President of the Board, and proposed to Miklós Dancs and Sándor Klimasz as the verifier of the Protocol. She announced to Katalin Tóth, a volunteer for Voters, the introduced volunteers. The candidates have undertaken. The General Assembly approved the credentials by a majority vote.


2.Security of Minutes, Minutes of Protocols and Counters, and Election of Minutes with a simple majority of votes

The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 150/2015 (02.10).Decision: Chairperson: Zsuzsanna Nagy, Registrar, Katalin Tóth

Protocol Verifiers: Miklós Dancs, Sándor Klimász, Voters:

Dr. Zita Dudás, Veronika Veronika Szógi, Ágnes Tóth Nikoletta Gémes, László Kószó, Goran Goretity, Chairman of the counters Csilla Dudásné Sebesi.

Zsuzsanna Nagy greeted the audience, found that 53 people were present and 49 mandates, so 102 valid votes could be held at the general assembly. He asked for an item on a single item per person not to exceed three minutes. He further stated that, pursuant to the Statutes, half of the attendants needed one plus vote, which is a quorum, and 1/3 votes in the case of other votes. The two-thirds majority must be amended.

The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 151/2015 (02.10).decision: to post comments on the agenda in three minutes.


3.Adopting points by simple majority vote

Csontos-Dér Veronika proposes an amendment to the agenda, asks for the 10th item to be forwarded.

The President rejected the request by saying that the original clause of the agenda was to be negotiated in the original order and in the last sentence of the text of the invitation.


In his address to Mária Ákhim in Keresztényiné, he said that the election of the Supervisory Board is up to May, so it is considered unnecessary to choose the full committee as a missing member. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board has resigned, so he proposes the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the election of the Nomination Committee member. The Bureau member wants a choice at the May general assembly.


There was a vote, which resulted in 77 votes in favor of Mrs Csontos-Dér Veronika's item on the agenda.

The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 152/2015 (02.10)Decision: with 77 votes in favor, the order of the items on the agenda was amended.

He then put a vote on Christianity's proposal that the bureau member's choice is omitted. The agenda item is amended to elect a Supervisory Board member and a Nomination Committee member. 29 votes were received for the proposed proposal.


The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 153/2015 (02.10.)Decision: Agenda item 6 by Keresztényiné Mária Ákhim, member of the Presidium, postponed. With 29 votes in favor.

As a result of the majority vote, the President took the tenth agenda item forward, so the General Assembly continued.

Comments, suggestions

In Veronika Csontos-Dér's suggestion, he called for the recall of the current Presidency, justifying his proposal for a loss of confidence. Given the fact that Gabor Kolompár will be a member of the Presidency, he knows he is now driving to a car school. He also objected to what members of the association could be people who do not have the proper medical papers. As an attachment to the minutes, he requested that the minutes be drawn from the ophthalmologist's handbook of the United President of the United States, which includes the visual impairment of visus maschme by 30%. By default, they do not fulfill the conditions of membership. He also requested a new election to be held in response to the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Attorney Ács Attila's letter of objection to the Supervisory Board of Mihály Ungerbauer. The proposal of the chairman of the supervisory board was ignored by Mrs President (Éva Vaskóné Kiss). He also asked Dr. Judit Tóth, who is present, to be present at the General Assembly with this mandate or voluntary contract. Dr. Judit Tóth said that he is present within the framework of the law clinic, and that he contributes free of charge to the work of the general assembly. Katalin Tóth indicated the three minutes had expired.

Éva Vaskóné Kiss thanked the comment for the three minute observation.

Veronika Csontos-Dér proposed a vote of confidence and asked those present to accept it.

Leading President repeatedly drew attention to the observation of three minutes by Veronika Csontos-Dér, saying that all that he said would be in the minutes, and then asked those present to have that person added to it.

Dr. Zita Dudás read the decision of the Hungarian State Treasury, made in 2003, to the disability allowance granted to Vaskóné Kiss Éva.

Leading Chairman asked for further progress, in his opinion, the administrative body has the right to review it.

Antalna Milán read his letter in which he disputes and does not accept the result of the election held on 14 December 2014. In the letter, it was stated that a member of the Presidency member could be a person who could not be covered? It calls for the recall of all members of the Presidency and the Supervisory Board. He called attention to the current and the former members of the Bureau and the Supervisory Board that, if they knew and suspected that the President was supposedly abusive and did not report to the Supervisory Board or the General Assembly, they could be held liable. The district groups are informed about these and are represented by proxy.


Zsuzsanna Zsuzsanna's Grand President again asked for the Supervisory Board's opinion on the issue. They can not call anyone back. Until the May General Assembly, the Supervisory Board will investigate.

Sándor Klimasz said that the protocol requested had been ceded because he did not know the name of the minutes because, in his view, the general assembly was just about to be able to scream honest people

She asked the President to make a proposal for the credentials of the minutes. Mátyás Farkas asked for a veto.Visible vote was approved by the General Assembly.

Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 154/2015. (02.10.) No. Decision: (by simple majority) Mátyás Farkas, credentials of the minutes.


5. Election of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Anikó Bezdán, member of the Supervisory Board, greeted the present and introduced himself.

President-in-Office asked if there is a suggestion for someone else's personality?

He asked the people present to vote.

The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 155/2015. (02.10.) No. decision: 43. one vote by Anikó Bezdán, member of the Supervisory Board.

The chairman of the vote counting committee is convinced of the void and integrity of the voting urn.

President-in-Office said when the vote was valid. Voting is void if the envelope contains a blank envelope or a crossed-out string or multiple-name voter tags. A vote is valid if there is only one name in the envelope.

There was a re-reading. 50 people are present with 49 mandates, so 99 votes are to be counted. The chairman of the counters presented the results. The result of the secret ballot was 69 envelopes in the voting urn of the vote, out of which 44 was the voting sticker of Dr. Anikó Bezdán. 19 were invalid votes.

President-in-chief said there was no 50 percent plus one required for voting.

Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 156/2015. (02.10.) No. (44 votes in favor) was not elected dr. Anikó Bezdán as a supervisory board member.

7. The nomination committee is a choice

Éva Vaskóné Kiss proposed Orbánné Tarsoly Edit and asked to introduce me. Then Éva Vaskóné Kiss asked if there was a suggestion for this other person? Csontos-Dér Veronika suggested Gabriella Szabó. To her Christianity, Mária Ákhim said that she could not be a new member. Éva Vaskóné Kiss informed me that the nomination required two years membership.

Orbánné Tarsoly Edit was elected to a Nomination Committee membership

The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 157/2015 (02.10.) with 63 votes in favor Orbánné Tarsoly Edit is a member of the nomination committee.


8. Reading and Accepting the Amendment to the Statutes required by the Tribunal.

Dr. Zita Dudás read the court order. Then from the statutes you can modify the parts to be modified.

Erzsébet Lantos, blacks, asks if the presidency alone should be responsible for what the presidency members are responsible for?

Éva Vaskóné Kiss agreed with this idea. He also wants the old layout better.

Dr. Anikó Bezdán suggests updating the organizational operating codes. Updating policies.

The chairman asked for the amendment of the statutes to be amended. He explained that, based on the number of headcounts, there are 96 valid votes, including 64 votes, for the adoption of the statutes. 57 people voted in favor.

The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 158/2015 (02.10.) decision: the proposal to amend the statutes was not accepted by the general assembly (57 yes)

According to the chairman, the operation of the association is impossible, but it is likely that this is the goal. A new general assembly is needed. Several were chirped to rule out Csontos-Dér Veronika.

Éva Vaskóné Kiss said that the general assembly had the opportunity to exclude, but this assembly is not the one now and then asked who was the one who voted for it.

The present members suggested that Bony-Dér Veronika be excluded from the association.

Veronika Dér complained that this was not on the agenda and did not ask for it to be included on this agenda item. Leading President put down the exclusion vote.

The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 159/2015 (02.10.). decision: Veronika Dér is not excluded from the association (twenty people supported this motion)


9. Reading and accepting public benefit reports, professional reports.

Dr. Zita Dudás read the financial report by Katalin Tóth. Then a staff check was established that there are 35 people present with 49 mandates totaling 84 valid votes.

The Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Csongrád County 160/2015 (02.10.) Decision: 61 votes in favor of adopting the 2014 Public Benefit Report.

No comments have been made regarding the above. The present did not want to put forward anything else.

The escort president thanked the participants for their participation.