NIOK civil díj


General information


The primary goal of our association is to protect the interest of and represent blind, barely sighted or partially sighted persons living in the area (hereinafter referred to as visually impaired people) and handle problems related to their everyday life. Namely: we represent and protect visually impaired people's interest by other organizations, if it need be we help remedy any violation of rights and we help overcome any difficulties of their everyday life.


Establishment and operation of information and advisory services in order for the Association to be able to coordinate the arising needs. Contacting and cooperating with national and international organizations and professionals representing the visually impaired. Contacting and cooperating with institutions and organizations that try to implement similar objectives. 


Raising awareness, organizing regular information events for both members and the public. Promoting the rehabilitation, education, cultural education and social integration of visually impaired people living in the area.

Reviewing and facilitating the elementary rehabilitation and social integration of people with vision loss in adulthood who live in the operational area.

Our association has been operating for 65 years in Csongrád county where more than 1,800 visually impaired people live. (1836  people, CSO). Our membership is 403 members.

We operate in a 100 m2 large well-equipped rented property, which has 2 offices, a 30 m2 large common room, kitchen and communal facilities.

Since our establishment our association has employed predominantly visually impaired persons. Our personal experience, our commitment to our fellows guarantees the quality and credibility of our services.


To implement the goals of our Articles of Association we carry out advocacy, community building and service-type activities which are free of charge. The expenses are covered by membership fees, tenders, donations and 1% tax donations.


To facilitate these tasks we carry out administrative, service, communication, PR, fundraising and development activities.

Successful completion of these varied tasks is unimaginable without our volunteers. We are a registered organization hosting volunteers, their number is currently 32.


II. Protecting interests:

  • We constantly protect the individual and collective interests of visually impaired people, we create opportunity to express and serve their interests and to carry out advocacy (A), we participate in specialized professional work (B) related to this and strive to promote social equality (C).



  • Customer service office
  • Regional groups
  • Legal Aid
  • Individual and collective protection of interests
  • Legislative opinion
  • Anti-discrimination and law enforcement activities



  • Physical and info-communication accessibility
  • Equal access



  • Sensitization trainings, opinion shaping lectures
  • Awareness-raising activities


III. Community building

  • These activities include the organization of local and national peer community (A) and forming closer links to the sighted society (B).



  • Operating regional groups
  • Afternoon clubs, lectures, quizzes
  • Excursions, tourism in the country
  • Regional and national events, conferences



  • Cultural events
  • Prevention and screening programmes


IV. Services

Our continuous and personalized services: access to information, promoting independent living and services improving quality of life (A) and training-education and employment related activites (B).



  • Information and Advisory Service
  • Equipment rental



  • Rehabilitation and employment counseling
  • Ability and skill-building activities
  • Promoting employment


V. Social integration

  • Key areas are: organization of voluntary work (A), increasing network of contacts (B), relations with sponsors (C).



  • Volunteer network
  • Organizing and engaging volunteers



  • Building relationships with national, local governmental, professional, church and non-governmental organizations
  • PR and media relations



  • Supporting membership
  • Donors network